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largo capital is a group of specialists

Largo Capital was founded in 2009 as a response to the increasing private sector demand for both capital and professional business consulting services. The Founders, noticing the still untapped potential of polish companies, decided to finally consolidate their knowledge, experience and a wide network of partners, for the purpose of creating a consulting entity with global standards.

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Largo Capital is not only the knowledge

As a part of its consulting services, Largo Capital provides its clients with an access to its own interior legal office, specialized in financial and corporate legal cases, as well as to the private group purchasing organization , rallying entrepreneurs from sectors such as IT, energy, finance, oil or insurance. International and cross-industry profile of the organization allows Largo Capital to represent its clients interests on the foreign markets, while simultaneously creating attractive cost optimizing possibilities and collective buyer power options.

We perceive business ambitiously, as a domain for creative individuals. We understand it, and therefore offer only the best solutions. Your success is our target

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